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Return to Monkey Island in silence after fan art style abuse

Ron Gilbert, creator of the point-and-click series Monkey Island, will no longer speak or show his upcoming game: Back to Monkey Island.

Since showcasing the game via a trailer in Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct, Gilbert has received a host of abusive comments from fans about the game’s new art style. So, starting with Gilbert’s blog (Grumpy Gamer) he shuts down the comments completely. But that’s not all. Gilbert also says he is done posting on Back to Monkey Island at all. After defending the game and the team on his blog, he concluded with: “The joy of sharing has been driven away from me.

Return to Monkey Island’s art style is a big departure from the series’ pixel-to-Disney visuals. Instead, the game takes on a more abstract style and has more in common with recent games like Guacamelee than previous Monkey Island games.

Fans don’t seem to care much about the change, but in a previous blog post (captured by Eurogamer), it took on a new look because that’s what the creator wanted. “Returning to Monkey Island may not be the art style you wanted or expected, but it’s the art style I wanted,” Gilbert said.

As Gilbert finished talking about Back to Monkey Islandthe voice actor of the series protagonist Guybrush Threepwood — Dominic Armato — caught on Twitter both defending Gilbert and the game itself.

Since Tuesday, Armato shared his thoughts with fans on the game – especially the change in graphical style that players reacted badly to. Armato (who says he did some of the game this spring) raved about the art and shared his general surprise at the venom some fans were spewing at Gilbert and the team – Gilbert himself retweeted the thread in support.

Armato ended his discussion of Return to Monkey Island on Twitter with a simple but powerful statement in defense of the dev team: “Whatever you want Monkey Island to be, I’m going to take a risk and suggest that making it a chore rather than a joy for the devs is the quickest way to ensure that it won’t be anything to anyone.

As of this writing, Gilbert’s blog is down, and it’s unclear how long it will remain so. However, it certainly sounds like fans have heard the last of the Back to Monkey Island until its release later this year.