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RoGallery National Fine Arts Appreciation Day October 25

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY, Oct. 17, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Announces Launch of National Fine Arts Appreciation Day, to be celebrated on that of Pablo Picasso birthday of 25 october. RoGallery will offer free shipping on all artwork sold to commemorate the day. This day was created to give everyone a day to appreciate all the art that exists in the world, as well as for artists to take a moment and find inspiration to paint, draw or sculpt a work of art.

Pablo Picasso was a master of fine arts in almost all media, from paintings and drawings to ceramics and bronze sculptures. He is also considered a master of a wide variety of styles of modern fine art, most obviously Cubism. has available in its inventory the collection of real estate lithographs of Picasso’s granddaughter Marina picasso with over 200 images printed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Picasso’s impact on the art world as a whole is constantly evolving and he has become an icon of modern art and contemporary.

Gallery director Robert Rogal frequently says that “art is a moment in time,” and this day is a way of looking back or forward to appreciate the impact of art in the world. world.

Ideally on Thursday the 25th, and as it will spread in the years to come, galleries, auction houses, museums and artists are encouraged to celebrate this day using the hashtag #fineartappreciationday. RoGallery will repost all posts using the hashtag to give galleries, museums or individuals an extra social media boost. Follow the gallery on @rogallery. Contact for any questions on how to celebrate at 718-937-0901 or [email protected]. So mark the calendar for 25 october for a day of art!

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Print by Pablo Picasso
Woman in the Workshop, Estate J-129 Lithograph

Lucien Clergue Photography
Picasso Presides over the Corrida – Fréjus, 1962

Frick Garden Courtyard
through Richard haas – Serigraph on wood panel, 1979

Artist’s studio
through John hultberg, California. 1960 Acrylic Painting

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