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Rollerdrome Development Videos Highlight Art Style and Soundtrack

Two new development videos have been released for rollerdrome ahead of the August 16, 2022 launch via Private Division and Roll7. The videos are age restricted, so you’ll have to watch them on Youtube.

2030 Comic Characters and Stylefeatures character artist Rachel Cox and lead artist Antoine Dekerle sharing their thoughts on creating the characters and the game world. Rachel Cox is responsible for all characters and, more importantly, the look of the main protagonist , Kara Hassan, explaining her exploratory process in creating the serious newcomer to a brutal sport. Antoine Derkele, meanwhile, reveals how comics led him to create the dystopian world.

We also have cult composer Electric Dragon in “The sound of 2030”, which shares his main inspirations for fusing the iconic textures and sounds of the 1970s with driving modern rhythms. Immerse yourself in the game’s 2030 setting through a retro-futuristic 1970s lens with the composer.

When you are done with the rollerdrome Dev Videos, check out our game preview here, or jump in and get the game right away? The game will launch digitally on PS4, PS5 and Steam; MYR129 on Playstation and MYR98 for Steam. A two-week introductory price of MYR 85.14 will be available on Steam and for Playstation Plus subscribers for any tier.