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Spotlight on HypeArt Hong Kong Art Week 2022

Credit: Courtesy of the artist and AllRightsReserved

Tell us about the inspirations behind the artwork.

Over the years, AllRightsReserved (ARR) has conceived and organized many creative artistic projects and this year we celebrate the 20th anniversary. Last year, digital and physical collectibles platform, FWENCLUB was launched, and it worked hand in hand with creative brand ARR. With an understanding of the impact of art and how it brings people together, FWENCLUB collaborates with different artists and brands to seize previously unimaginable opportunities. From physical collectibles to digital collectibles, FWENCLUB creates art that can cross both worlds and shape a new digital culture.

Last March, we collaborated with our long-time partner, Spanish artist Joan Cornellà, to release his first NFT collection, “MOAR by Joan Cornellà”. Cornellà’s eerie and surreal journey began from social media platforms years ago and continues to take the world to another sphere of digital space, where fans can take part in a survivor adventure in the metaverse. This is the story of a mansion in the metaverse called “MOAR” – an intentional misspelling of “more”, used online as a humorous request – where 5,555 creatures with their souls were minted with the blockchain ERC721 as NFT. While the world is locked down due to the alien invasion, guests staying at MOAR, including humans, zombies, and cyborgs, live in peace together. MOAR is a rather atypical mansion where we will find shops, games and virtual exhibitions, to launch by 2022.

Market demand for this project was huge during the public sale on April 7 (HKT). The trading volume even reached 11.4,000 ETH (about US$26.6 million*) as of May 11 (HKT), surpassing Bored Ape Yacht Club & AZUKI in 7-day volume after unboxing.

“Digital art has long been undervalued largely because it is so freely available.”

What is your relationship with the artist and how was this selection made for the work?

At the very beginning, we were just impressed with Cornellà’s work and would like to create something cool together. During these years we have a very close relationship and share the same values, which is why we have worked and grown together. Cornellà is highly regarded on the international scene. With over eight million social followers amassed over the years, Cornellà is now diving into an emerging art form where fans can continue to support his incredibly entertaining and thought-provoking creations.

Digital art has long been undervalued largely because it is so freely available. The introduction of NFTs shook the art world, adding the crucial ingredients of authenticity and rarity to show the value of digital art. The movement is an effort to economically legitimize the talent and creative process of artists. It is quickly becoming one of the most treasured art forms of our time. After working on digital art for years, Cornellà is now turning a new page in the virtual world.

Describe your curation for Hong Kong Art Week and why it is important to spotlight this particular work.

The debut of “MOAR by Joan Cornellà” is greeted by crazy audiences and will enter the metaverse by 2022. The grand opening of “MOAR” and a virtual exhibition will take place. Before launching into the metaverse, the mini game “SIEIBMOZ” by “MOAR by Joan Cornellà” has just been announced and will be launched next June. It is a strategic adventure game set in the metaverse with the invasion of zombies. Humans, zombies and cyborgs would be locked in the MOAR building. MOAR NFT holders will start the game as metaverse survivors and fight against zombies to save the grandma. The winners would win a special reward. FWENs can check out the parts here and stay tuned for the next release!