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Stranger Things Season 4 Art Turns Max Into A Depressed Pixar Character

An awesome new piece of Stranger Things season 4 fan art imagines Sadie Sink’s Max as a Pixar-style character, complete with her beloved walkman.

A new piece of stranger things Season 4 fan art turns Sadie Sink’s Max into a depressed Pixar-style character. First broadcast on Netflix in 2017, stranger things has since become a massive hit for the streamer, recently airing Part 1 of its fourth season. stranger things Season 4 was the most-watched season yet, bringing back beloved characters like Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Steve (Joe Keery), and more. and introducing a new villain in the form of Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower).

Although introduced in stranger things season 2, Max played a much bigger role in season 4 part 1 after becoming one of Vecna’s targets. In addition to popularizing Kate Bush’s 1985 song “Running Up That Hill,” Max is also the centerpiece of one of the new season’s most talked about episodes, “Dear Billy.” While dealing with the loss of his brother Billy in Season 3, the episode features Max coming face to face with Vecna ​​in the villain’s spirit lair before finally escaping and running to freedom in the thrilling conclusion to the episode.


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In awesome new fan art posted to Instagram, illustrator Rachel Hoo turns Max into a Pixar-like character. The art features Max walking down the hallway of his high school while wearing the walkman and headphones that have become a character staple in stranger things season 4. The same post also includes a variation of the original artwork imagining Max’s own spin-off show “Mad Max: Volume 1,a reference to the name of the Season 2 episode in which she is first featured. Check out the awesome digital artwork below:

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As Hoo’s art demonstrates, Max was a standout character in the final season of stranger things. Marking a big departure from previous seasons, Max spends the early episodes of Season 4 mourning his brother and cutting himself off from his friends. Although clearly in a dark place, Max’s spirit and resilience are stronger than ever in stranger things season 4, an element that obviously struck a chord with the public. Besides acting as a fun reimagining of a fan-favorite character, Hoo’s art also suggests there might be an appetite for some kind of Max spin-off.

It remains to be seen what’s next for Max and the rest of the gang in stranger things season 4 part 2, but many fans would no doubt be happy if Sink’s character continued to play a bigger role. Season 5 is currently expected to be the last for stranger things but the show’s world and characters have proven so popular that a sort of “Mad Max”-style spin-off has the potential to be a big hit. The public does not have long to wait before the last 2 episodes of stranger things season 4 is available on Netflix but, for now, fans can check out talented artists like Hoo to see beloved characters reimagined in fun new ways.

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