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‘Street Fighter 6’ Trailer Suggests Possible New Art Style; But what is its release date?

Capcom has finally released the official trailer for “Street Fighter 6”. Instead of the traditional ink brush style, the incoming game can feature a “realistic” look and gameplay animation.

Fans have been waiting for this exciting update for over six years. Finally, right after the Capcom Pro Tour concluded its fighting game expo, the company officially announced “Street Fighter 6”.

Capcom Reveals: Where to Watch the ‘Street Fighter 6’ Trailer

Capcom USA has released the trailer for the latest installment in the “Street Fighter” series. The description of the video read: “Here is a new Street Fighter. It’s official: Street Fighter 6 is in development!

Admittedly, the trailer for “Street Fighter 6” is only 39 seconds long. That said, it teases virtually nothing concrete about the game in development.

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‘Street Fighter 5’ vs ‘Street Fighter 6:’ New possible art style

Since the reveal was too short, most fans had to speculate what clues they could find. Game Informer pointed out some interesting details that fans might have missed in the trailer.

First, the cinematic teaser showed both Ryu and Luke. It’s worth pointing out that Luke is the 45th and final character in “Street Fighter 5”, so “Street Fighter 6” could be a direct continuation of the series storyline. Some players have also noted that Ryu in the trailer looks much more mature, especially because he has grown out a beard.

Aside from the characters, the graphics seemed to have adopted a realistic look. The change is evident in the superior graphics quality, where every drop of sweat and strand of hair stands out on screen. The level of detail is also visible in their arms, where blood vessels can be traced distinctly.

However, please be aware that this trailer is not a guarantee on the game mechanics or graphics of “Street Fighter 6”. This means that high-quality detail can be limited to in-game cutscenes and cutscenes, but not the gameplay art style.

So it’s still possible that “Street Fighter 6” will retain its ink brush style. Fans interested in gameplay details are recommended to wait directly for further updates from Capcom.

“Street Fighter” release date, countdown

Luckily, the wait for “Street Fighter 6” updates might not be too long. Their official social media account just tweeted that there will be “more Street Fighter 6 news coming in Summer 2022”.

Capcom did not specify what this incoming news might be about. However, fans are hoping the update might tease an official gameplay preview, storyline progression, or even the game’s release date.

For now, fans are advised to sit and wait. They are advised to bookmark Capcom’s YouTube and Twitter pages so that fans can receive real-time updates as soon as they are released.

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