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Students celebrate their final work at the Burren College of Art

The Burren College of Art will celebrate the final work of three MA students – Aster Reem David, Dia Thomas and Brandon Lomax – at the opening reception of their graduation exhibition, (is)land.

The event will take place on Thursday 18 August and the keynote speech will be delivered by Irish director/screenwriter Maeve Stone.

(is)land is a collaboration between three multidisciplinary artists, examining themes of transcendence and transfiguration through artistic expression. Using ideas of compassion across a range of ecologies, the collective works explore the human experience in an environment.

Installed as individual parts of a larger whole, (is)land reimagines traditional gallery space as a sort of archipelago – a deteriorating bridge between the mainland and satellite landmasses, between the mainstream and the individual. The installed works function somewhat like an ecosystem, each part contributing to a collective whole. Cultural, biological, phenomenological or otherwise, the exhibition highlights the interconnected fabric between humans, non-humans and all.

Each artist’s distinct interpretations take viewers on a journey to reimagine the cosmos from the subatomic to the infinite. The works refer to the higher self as an integral player in the survival of our species, magnifying and distorting the scale in order to consider multiple perspectives in a single experience. The result is a shared intellectual ecosystem of inclusion, empathy and awareness to which all are welcome.

The works on display span a wide range of interdisciplinary practices, including digital media, film, sculpture, photography, print, performance and installation.

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