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Stunning art reimagines Middle-earth in ancient China

A talented digital artist reimagines iconic Middle-earth locations and characters from The Lord of the Rings in the style of ancient China.

A digital artist has recreated iconic places from The Lord of the Rings’ Middle-earth in the style of ancient China. The Lord of the Rings is considered the most important series in modern fantasy literature, and much of its lore is inspired by ancient Norse mythology. The film trilogy recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its debut, The Fellowship of the Ringreminding fans how much time has passed since its debut in 2001. Each episode of the landmark series, directed by Peter Jackson and adapted from JRR Tolkien’s fantasy novel, received a coveted Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, and The king’s return managed to win the award alongside many others.


Despite the series’ age, interest in The Lord of the Rings remains as high as ever. Fans are always eager to catch up on behind-the-scenes news from the show, such as recent revelations that the studio behind the films is pressuring Jackson to kill off some of the main Hobbits. As well as continuing to generate news, the fantasy series provides a particularly rich source of inspiration for artists of all kinds, with one fan recently recreating the Battle of Helm’s Deep in Lego form.

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Now, in images shared on Twitter, a digital artist has shown what Middle-earth might have looked like had it been inspired by ancient China. The images show various iconic locations and characters from the series, including Hobbiton and the King of Rohan, Théoden, in a completely different style than what audiences have seen before. The artist, who uses the Twitter account @leiahamart describes the reasoning behind the art, saying that the idea of ​​a Lord of the Rings inspired by ancient China had “Haunted me for years.” Check out the amazing artwork below:

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The artwork is a stunning take on classic images of The Lord of the Rings series. The characters and places of The Lord of the Rings have been reimagined and reworked countless times by different artists, but rarely in such a bold and imaginative way. Fans will be thrilled to see a whole new take on the content of The Lord of the Ringsbut still manages to capture and maintain what makes the fantasy series so unique and beloved.

Moving forward, the future of The Lord of the Rings seems to be TV-based. A new series based on the Middle-earth lore has been in development for several years, hoping to capitalize on the renewed interest in fantasy television generated by the success of game of thrones and the witcher. The first season of the news series is set to hit screens in late 2022, although little is known about the project or its content. Until then, fans will have to wait for further news to learn more about the series, and in the meantime settle for enjoying the talent of artists willing to share their views on Tthe Lord of the Rings.

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Source: @leiahamart

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