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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fan Redesigns Characters In Family Guy Artistic Style

A devoted Super Smash Bros. fan. Ultimate impressively redesigns the fighter-filled cover for the game in a Family Guy artistic style.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an extremely popular game, with the title of Platform Fighter offering an extensive roster of almost 100 different characters to choose from. As the latest incarnation of the beloved franchise features fighters from across the video game realm, one fan imagines what Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would look like if it had happened in family guy.

Nintendo Switch’s key title first released in December 2018, but just revealed the end of its DLC content almost three years later. After many leaks and supposed rumors, Sora from Kingdom Hearts turned out to be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s final fighter, an addition many thought was impossible due to the character’s ties to Disney.


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Posted on the popular r / NintendoSwitch subreddit, a user by the alias DownrightShoddy showed off his epic take on the principal Super Smash Bros. Ultimate attach. The entire poster cleverly emulates the comic book style specific to family guy, with many creative and humorous artistic choices integrating family guy characters throughout. Pichu is Stewie, Seamus is Samus, and the Evil Monkey takes on the role of Diddy Kong. Kirby appears to have absorbed Peter Griffin, while the chicken he often fights appears to be Captain Falcon.

If fans watch closely, the Mr. Saturn near Olimar even has Meg’s face. Along with many other fun visuals, the drawing is likely to make Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and family guy the fans crack a smile. However, this is not the first time UltimateThe list has been redesigned in a distinctive artistic style from a different location. Earlier this year, another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan went viral for drawing every Smash fighter in a Cup head artistic style. Fans hailed the Cup head version as much as family guy, commending their unique idea of ​​representing the whole list in a different style.

Unfortunately for Peter Griffin and the rest of the family guy characters, none of them were included as real Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters, although one of them may come to another popular video game. A datamine several months ago suggested that Peter would come to Fortnite as one of the many battle royale crusader characters. While there haven’t been any recent updates on the rumors that Peter has entered the game, Fortnite is known for his huge array of pop culture skins, which means he should be good in the realm of the possible.

The hilarious poster already has nearly 8,000 upvotes at the time of writing, and will certainly garner more in the coming days. While other popular characters like Waluigi and HaloMaster Chief may not have been successful this time around, gamers can hope they will show up in the next iteration of the long line of fighting games.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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