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Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art rejuvenates Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings

The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass Moca) has embarked on a major curatorial project to rejuvenate the wall drawings in its long-running retrospective dedicated to the late conceptual artist Sol LeWitt. The panoramic installation of 105 large-scale drawings the artist designed as diagrams between 1969 and 2007 spans nearly an acre and three stories […]

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India’s art history in one source

The history of art in India, which dates back 10,000 years to the rock drawings of Bhimbetka, has long been told through a Western lens or written by Indian scholars in a dense, academic style that seemed inaccessible to many. . But that will soon change, when MAP Academy’s Encyclopedia of Indian Art goes live […]

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Artists of the island nation: ‘Ocho Cubanos Ahora’ | Art

When Cuban photographer Alberto Korda (1928-2001) worked as official photographer for former Cuban President Fidel Castro (1926-2016), he accompanied the communist leader on a 1959 visit to Washington, DC Korda captured a now iconic image of Castro standing in silent contemplation, hat in hand, before the Lincoln Memorial. The Cuban leader placed a wreath at […]

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Professor Bolton and Minneapolis College of Art and Design professor discuss visual culture and cosplay – The Williams Record

Professor Bolton and Professor Emeritus of Minneapolis College during a discussion on fashion, subculture and cosplay. (Photo courtesy of WCMA.) Professor of Comparative and Japanese Literature Christopher Bolton and Professor Emeritus of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Frenchy Lunning discussed the role of fandom and fashion in shaping culture and identity during a […]

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At Leah Morgan Art Works, creativity is communal

BRING IDEAS: The studio’s namesake, Leah Morgan, wants to collaborate with the community and help others explore their artistic side. She established a stimulating and multifaceted artistic environment with a freestyle vibe. (Photo by Victoria Ford) An artist of all trades, Leah Morgan has cultivated a haven of creative expression where all are welcome. Its […]

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8 Beautiful San Antonio Art Exhibits to Fall in Love With This Month

February is a good month to be bewitched, smitten and delighted. And even if it’s not with the perfect Prince/Princess Charming, these San Antonio art exhibits – showcasing a variety of impressive works in video and photography, figurative and surrealist arts, American modernism, fashion, fibers and textiles – will dazzle and delight, inform and entertain, […]