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The Art Hotel Lagos: a landmark of architectural innovation

As the hospitality industry fully embraces the wake of demand, since the pandemic restrictions, and with the evolving landscape of luxury hospitality clientele, the topic of true luxury continues to remain at the forefront in conversations about innovation and the future of hospitality. Innovative craftsmanship and design, fast rides as the cutting edge of creativity and technological innovation.

The Art Hotel, Lagos’ latest addition to a global wave of cutting-edge architectural design and innovation, is a model for Nigeria’s emerging luxury hotel niche. Blending dramatic design with references to the traditional Oniru ruling house, the hotel’s striking architecture is a visual and sensory celebration of indigenous culture, arts and design, key pillars of the hotel’s brand.

Located in one of the most coveted locations on the Lagos Island Axis, between Victoria Island and Lekki, The Art Hotel will offer a true sense of serenity and escape. With panoramic sea views and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s the perfect place to disconnect via a range of wellness experiences, or wander through a fascinating gallery to discover a haven of art.

The city hotel houses contemporary art installations from one of West Africa’s most important art galleries, the Nike Art Gallery. Aiming to connect guests to the culture and heritage of their surroundings, The Art Hotel draws attention to the country’s vibrant art scene. In operation, the hotel additionally showcases some of the region’s notable artists and curators including pieces by Peju Alatishe, Tolu Aliki, Sanusi Olatunji, Nike & Tola Wewe, Bolaji Ogunwo.

Most impressively, the gallery features Ndidi Emefiele, an internationally acclaimed mixed media artist renowned for her series of bold works that explore and challenge the social, cultural and religious pressures women face in Nigeria and around the world. of the.

The Art Hotel presents a redefinition of “ultra-luxury” as “back to basics” by emphasizing authenticity, building real one-to-one relationships, while emphasizing the importance of service and personalization, and the value and uniqueness offered through artistic design and the craftsmanship and use of famous artists; and quality in all things.

Aiming to provide guests with truly remarkable moments through art, the gallery will give them the chance to discover new works by exciting names and support emerging artists from around the world, further strengthening its position as an art hub. and creative destination while providing an inspiring setting from which to create unique works of art and enjoy life in one of the most diverse cities in the world.

The Art Hotel will offer spacious rooms and suites, all breathtaking collections, with connecting rooms available for the perfect family vacation. Additionally, the lavishly furnished conference rooms, art gallery lounge, Cloud Terrace Restaurant, Mist Restaurant and Lounge, and exceptional chic lobby with a 6-story glass-ceilinged atrium, will provide the experience of ultimate hospitality, with a private pool, dedicated butler service and access to a state-of-the-art fitness center.

A modern arabesque design characterizes the entire hotel, while its interiors are an elegant blend of traditional craftsmanship with a light, modern hotel design.

Exquisite details, spread across displays of gold fixtures and fittings, including tastefully furnished rooms true to its location, spirit and heritage that celebrate the magic of life and culture. Fine craftsmanship is a dimension of luxury itself and is evident in the dining room, in the choice of fabrics and furnishings, crockery and silverware, and in the roles of each member of staff.

Commenting on the vision of the luxury hotel business, Tunji Abdul, General Manager de l’Art Hotel said, “After a challenging 5-year planning and development process, we are delighted and honored to open our doors to the general public, as we have positioned ourselves to meet the growing demand from the world of business, art lovers and explorers.

We will provide an unparalleled hospitality experience while aiming to serve our unique customers. Our vision is to become the leading provider of differentiated Art Deco boutique hotels in major cities around the world, starting with Lagos.

With a focus on exceptional dining concepts, signature service and exceptional experiences are well represented at this hotel, as signature restaurants will offer fresh, contemporary settings, serving exquisite seafood to share and superb Culinary creations from expert chefs available in the restaurant and at the rooftop bar.

Guests can revel in the multi-cuisine Cloud Restaurant with Terrace, offering fresh and healthy dishes from around the world, relax over a delicious afternoon tea in the Mist Restaurant and Lounge, offering a tranquil escape, or refuel, refresh and spend the day with tasty bites. As night falls, enjoy thirst-quenching international signature cocktails from master mixologists, signature bites and a selection of exquisite cigars at the intimate bar and terrace, with stunning city views.

Scheduled to open in July, the grand vision for the luxury hotel is to create an authentic guest experience that is meaningful and unique to the brand, whatever its size – that emotional connection could be – that’s what luxury hospitality today.

By placing the guest at the top of the hotel experience, the intention is to ensure that Hotel Art is synonymous with excellent service, high quality and exhilarating experiences. With a renewed determination to lead luxury hospitality, delivering personalized guest experiences by delivering service that goes above and beyond, leaving guests more time to enjoy the moments in life that really matter.

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