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“The art of light”, the Museum of Photography of Nice dedicates an exhibition to Studio Harcourt (Photo) –

the Photography Museum Charles Nègre from Nice offers, until May 22, 2022, the exhibition “Study of Harcourt. The Art of Light“.

Monica Bellucci © Studio Harcourt

Since its creation in 1934, Atelier Harcourt, timeless and fashionable, has managed to preserve and cultivate the fundamental values ​​that have determined its success and reputation: the demand for excellence, respect for aesthetics and quality. French elegance.

Laeticia Casta © Studio Harcourt

Imagined by Cosette Harcourt, an exceptional woman, modern and daringly avant-garde, the Studio was born from the collaboration with Robert Ricci and the Lacroix brothers.

Vincent Lindon © Studio Harcourt

Studio Harcourt returns to the glamorous roots of the golden age of French cinema in black and white. Unique images that hide a story, an emotion, a skilful alchemy of chiaroscuro.

Carole Bouquet © Studio Harcourt

Often imitated, but never equaled, the Harcourt style has imposed itself as a guarantee of eternity, an iconographic reference which, over the years, has become unique in its kind.

Keanu Reeves © Studio Harcourt

A veritable institution now recognized as a “Living Heritage Company”, the Harcourt “signature” is part of the collective unconscious and continues its quest for eternity, leaving its mark on the imagination of time.
Pictorial memory of the great artistic, cultural and political figures of the 20th century, the legend imposes itself as a testimony, defying the passage of time.

Clara Luciani © Studio Harcourt

The Gallery of the Museum of Photography Charles Nègre is located Place Pierre Gautier 1 in Old Nice.