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The art style of Pokémon Evolutions would be perfect for a video game

The mature art style and detailed animation of Pokémon Evolutions would work well for a Pokémon video game, improving battles, cutscenes, and gameplay.

New Pokémon evolutions The trailer for the animated series features a unique take on the Pokemon world, with a mature art style and dynamic animations. Pokemon games have long lacked the thrill and storytelling of animated series and movies, but Pokémon evolutions“The art style alone could be a main or derivative game that bridges the gap.

An eight-episode mini-series launched on Pokémon TV and YouTube, Pokémon evolutions seems to be somehow a spiritual successor of 2016 Pokémon Generations mini-series, featuring adventures from all existing game regions. The Evolutions trailer highlights scenes from Pokemon Sword and shield, Sun and moon, and more, with video game player characters appearing alongside recognizable NPCs. The inclusion of climactic events such as the battle against Eternatus and the awakening of Xerneas suggest Evolutions will integrate the intrigues of the games.


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The Pokémon evolutions The trailer also features dynamic and fast-paced camera angles that show these important video game events and characters from unique perspectives. excerpts from Pokémon Sun and Moon Sun-silhouetted Lillie and Zamazenta confronting Eternatus demonstrate the additional drama that a dynamic camera can bring to these worlds. While it would likely take some serious work to implement properly, the introduction of more camera angles during battles and general gameplay around the world could completely change the way players experience the game. Pokemon Games.

Pokémon Evolutions art style could improve battles and cutscenes

Pokemon Evolutions Art Style Mature Video Game Graphics

While it was impossible to incorporate these spectacular camera angles into normal gameplay, Pokemon games could instead switch to a full 2D anime style during cutscenes, giving more weight to important moments. Pokemon was never known for its complex storytelling, but the series’ past graphic styles reduced intimidating Pokémon and people like Rayquaza and Lysander to underwhelming pixels, sabotaging their involvement in the plot. Presentation of a more elaborate animation like Evolutions“would be a step in the right direction.

The most subtle elements of Pokémon evolutions“The art style would also improve video games. Its characters with realistic proportions, smooth character animations, bright colors, and moody lighting give it a much more mature tone than video games. These are things that Game Freak could implement more realistically in the main series, borrowing from Evolutions‘to make the battles and exploration of the games more grand and awe-inspiring.

A Pokemon A game that looks like big-budget anime is probably impossible, but any combination of more dynamic camera angles, animated cutscenes, and more modern, mature lighting would go a long way in terms of the presentation of the games. New derivative game Pokémon Legends: Arceus has already started to exceed the past limits of the series, but a Evolutions-style Pokemon game could take the series to its full potential.

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Pokémon Evolutions’ the first episode debuts on September 9, 2021.

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