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The creative process of Matt Daio in “The Art Of Comic Books”

Earlier this year, LRMonline brought you an exclusive feature from Tim Nardelli focusing on the process of creating a comic. Functionality comic book art discusses the creative process required to create an original character. While a casual comic book reader might not consider this a big challenge, there’s a lot of work to just conceptualize the character.

One of the most difficult concepts in creating a comic is bringing a character to life. When creating the main character, Matt Daio, Tim shared that to create the character, he had to visualize the style of the protagonist. For Tim, he wanted Matt to have a style that portrays a musician with style. As he began to sketch out his vision, it became clearer what he wanted the main character to look like.

The first step for Tim was to make a model sheet of what the protagonist looked like. The model sheet starts with portraits of the character, then details the body shape. When creating a comic, especially with different characters, it’s important that everyone has a unique style about them. This gives the reader an identity marker for each character so they can recall certain actions or events for that character in the story.

The next process Tim followed to create Matt was to turn his model sheets into 3D animation. Tim’s reasoning for this process was to have a 3D rendering of Matt Daio this gave Tim a reference for drawing the character in different positions. With the main character appearing multiple times on a sheet, Tim knew his character would need to be drawn in multiple positions. Once Tim had the portraits and 3D animation of Matt Daio to his liking, he could continue the project.

You can read more about Tim’s experience creating Matt Daio in the feature. comic book art is an LRM exclusive that has been a hit with our audience. Tim Nardelli explains the process of creating his soon-to-be-released comic Night terror. Although there are many informative features about the comics, which makes comic book art unique is his deep insight into the amount of work required to create a comic. From simple steps like creating a storyboard to the complicated process of developing a character, from descriptive words to visual art. The journey is a complicated process and Tim does a great job of sharing the challenges he faces in bringing his vision to life. You can check out the feature below and be sure to check back for more exclusives like interviews with the production team.

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The feature covers the entire process of creating a comic book starting with script, storyboard, conceptualization, drawing, and coloring. Tim Nardelli will guide us through the journey as he brings his new comic Night terror to live. His accomplishments include work on the Emmy-winning series Dark/Web on Amazon Prime and Circle which is on Netflix. Additionally, Tim has worked on many artistic projects ranging from logo art to graphic designs. Be sure to check out LRM for The art of comics exclusives.

Night Terror Comic Book Art

Be sure to check back on LRMonline to see us dig deeper with Tim into the manufacturing process Night terror and comic book art.