Art appreciation

The unique art of Victor Whitmill on display at Frame & Art Center, Art Obscura

By Mike Cook

“I paint surrealism,” said Las Cruces artist Victor Whitmill. “I paint between realism and total abstraction; the conscious and the unconscious; the known and the unknown. »

Whitmill’s art is on display during the month of April at the Frame & Art Center, Pueblo Plaza, 1100 S. Main St., #108. He also shows a rotating collection of pieces in the upstairs gallery. Art Obscura, 3206 Harrelson St.

The function of art, said Whitmill in an artist statement, “is to communicate on a level where words fail. The only true knowledge one can have is through direct experience. C t is the highest function of art – to create an experience that goes beyond words or simple explanation.

“A recurring theme in my work is my effort to transcend the mind and experience what is beyond,” said Whitmill. “My work comes from the imagination. I only occasionally use reference materials to answer quick questions I have; much like an explorer might check his compass to reorient himself. My paintings are the visual diary of a journey of which I am both the guide and the explorer. ‘Where does this lead?’ I don’t know, but I’m intrigued to find out.

A work of art may not “make much sense, at least not on the surface,” Whitmill said in a 2017 interview with the Bulletin, but it’s “a more entertaining state. I like being in that state. mindset, and I like to put people in that mindset.

Whitmill was born to a Navy family in Vallejo, California in 1966. His family traveled throughout the United States and spent time in Japan, exposing him “to a variety of cultures and developing an appreciation for art,” he said. His life as an artist began in his childhood.

Whitmill works most in oils, “with an emphasis on creating moody, ethereal surreal pieces based on her imagination and spirituality,” the artist said. He creates art to “inspire a sense of mystery and awe in the viewer and…to raise questions,” Whitmill said, finding the questions that arise from viewing his art are usually more interesting than the questions. answers.

Whitmill’s works have been exhibited in galleries in Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Nevada and Santa Monica, California, and in a growing number of private collections.

Visit, and find Whitmill at Art of V. Whitmill on Facebook and @v_whitmill on Instagram.