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These 420 NFT murals are giving back to communities with pro-cannabis art

As cannabis moves into the mainstream, Leafly believes there are more opportunities than ever to celebrate our favorite plant outdoors, in plain sight and without the stigma.

That’s why this 4/20, we’re excited to kick off a brand new project: we’ve commissioned a group of forward-thinking artists to design and paint a series of innovative murals in four cities across North America: Chicago, Portland (OR), Toronto (CAN) and Washington, DC

These beautiful murals highlight the incredible ability of cannabis to fuel artistic creativity. Additionally, they describe cannabis as an uplifting force for good on one of its most notable holidays and helps give back to just and fair causes. That’s right! The murals are not only beautiful, they also directly benefit the communities where they are displayed.


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Bridging the worlds of art and technology, these 420 murals will be available for purchase as NFTs (non-fungible tokens): unique digital artworks that offer a new business model for creators to thrive and to succeed.

Proceeds from NFT’s sales will directly benefit nonprofits based in each of the four cities who are also fighting for justice and fairness in the cannabis industry.

If you see one you like (in person or online), you can purchase the NFTs for $420, through OpenSea. And that’s not all. As a bonus, each mural includes a QR code that viewers can use to access augmented reality (AR) enhanced content on their phone.

Read on to learn more about the murals themselves, the notable artists behind them, and the organizations that will benefit from the sale of NFTs.

Chicago, Ill.

Leafly's 420 NFT mural in Chicago

Find the fresco: 3555 N Clark St. Chicago, IL 60657

Conceived by: Shala.

The NFT product will support: IL Coalition for Cannabis Equity

Learn more about Shala.

a black man in a white t-shirt and a wide-brimmed hat claps his hands in front of his face and looks away

Pioneer in the field of “solar art”, Shala. creates dazzling large-scale sculptures and murals that double as solar power generators (the period is indeed part of its name). One of his most famous pieces, Bronzeville Solar Pyramid of Shala, stands 16 feet tall and is covered in custom solar panels and imaginative symbols. His vivid murals, which often span several floors, adopt playful and exuberant motifs.

Shala’s mural. for Leafly – directly across from Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs – depicts a woman of color reclining on a boat, enjoying both the view of Chicago’s lake and a joint. The mural evokes the calm and tranquility of soothing cannabis strains. “I liked the idea of ​​doing something simple and unexpected for a weed mural.

Something friendly but subversive”, Shala. Explain. “The idea of ​​putting up a mural of a black woman smoking in the middle of Wrigleyville was too good to pass up.”

Learn more about Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition

a diverse crowd of people all wearing bright green t-shirts, many with raised fists smile in front of a statue of Abraham Lincoln outside

The Cannabis Equity IL Coalition is fighting to ensure Illinois’ booming cannabis industry “puts people first over profits.”

The grassroots organization advocates tirelessly for the industry to make reparations and reinvestments in the communities most affected by the war on drugs.

The Coalition told Leafly that funds from the sale of NFTs will provide direct resources such as “community resource fairs, record clearing events, classes on knowing your rights and community advocacy, and Moreover”.


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Portland, OR

Leafly's Mural 420 in Portland

Wall Address: 1637 SE MLK Blvd, Portland, OR

Conceived by: Magdaline “Maggie” Wangin partnership with the Portland Street Arts Alliance (PSAA)

The NFT product will support: Oregon Managers Fund

Learn more about Magdaline “Maggie” Wang

young woman with tattoos on her arm crouches next to a six inch tall figurine she has created on a white background

Magdaline “Maggie” Wang, also known as Magdre, began her artistic career in Portland, Oregon. She creates art in a range of mediums including murals, tattoos, drawings, prints, resin casts, and more. His style draws on elements of 90s and early 2000s pop culture, creating a world of nostalgia for his viewers. The Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) champions and defends street art and street artists. Since 2012, he has managed over 120 publicly commissioned and funded projects.

Maggie’s vibrant mural depicts some of Portlanders’ favorite pastimes: riding bikes, enjoying the mild weather and smoking cannabis.

“Partnering with Leafly was a no-brainer for me. I love smoking and weed is central to my artistic process,” Maggie remarked.

“I believe that anyone, and especially black and brown communities, should be able to enjoy weed without the stigma. The mural captures what I love most about my hometown: that anyone can do what makes them happy, no matter what other people think. »

Learn more about the Oregon Managers Fund

an older black woman with large earrings, short hair and a brown t-shirt stands in front of a green curtain

Proceeds from the sale of this NFT mural will benefit the Oregon Handlers Fund. The organization maintains a single goal: to help black and non-black people of color obtain marijuana worker permits, thereby facilitating work opportunities in the cannabis industry.

“I’ve always wanted to help people. We want to see people of color thrive in this industry,” the organization’s director, Raina Casey, told Leafly.


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Toronto, Canada)

Leafly's NFT 420 mural in Toronto

Find the mural: 587 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5, Canada

Conceived by: Haena Joen

Association name: Cannabis amnesty

Read more about Haena Joen

young south korean woman on a ladder spray paints a wall

Haena “Haena.J” Joen is a freelance illustrator from South Korea. She currently lives in Toronto. Haena also works as a graphic designer and project manager with the collective Kadence World, a community agency founded by her husband, Phil Song, which focuses on celebrating and growing Korean skateboarding culture.

Attached to the iconic Ruby Soho Bar in Toronto’s Design District, Haena’s serene mural depicts a woman of color enjoying cannabis, a book and a picnic as the city’s skyline stretches to the horizon. “Growing up in South Korea, I was always told that cannabis was illegal and dangerous. But when I moved to Canada with my husband Phil and joined Kadence World, I saw how good cannabis can be. to be a force for building communities and fostering creativity,” she told Leafly.

Learn more about cannabis amnesty

two canadian flags hang in a park

Since 2018, Cannabis amnesty has championed the interests of Canadian communities who have been harmed by cannabis prohibition and fights for fairness within the cannabis industry. Proceeds from NFT’s sales will support Cannabis Amnesty’s ongoing legislative efforts to ensure that historically and disproportionately disadvantaged Black and Indigenous communities in Canada can access the industry’s economic opportunities.

NFT sales will also support a new legal clinic for Canadians convicted of cannabis and paid internships for marginalized Canadians hoping to enter the cannabis industry.


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washington d.c.

Find the mural: 3124 Georgia Ave NW, Washington DC

Conceived by: Shawn Perkins

NFT benefits: Center for Black Equity

Learn more about Shawn Perkins

a black man in a white sweatshirt and a black beanie sits on a chair with a hand on his chin against a white interior wall

Widely recognized graphic designer, painter and muralist Shawn Perkins, also known as SP the Plug, was commissioned to paint the Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, DC. His large-scale paintings reference pop culture icons and cartoons. His murals can be seen on storefronts and walls across Washington, DC and beyond.

Perkins’ mural depicts a black woman – who wears beautiful, bold jewelry and a striking tattoo on her arm that reads “knowledge is a flower” – enjoying a joint on a spring day in Washington, D.C.

The location of the mural — on the side of the beloved House of Herbs dispensary in the Park View neighborhood — holds special significance for Perkins.

“I walked past this wall many times when I was in college at Howard, and knowing how many people will see this message of activism and joy really resonates with me,” Shawn explained. “My creative process includes cannabis, so when I designed this art for Leafly, I knew I wanted to evoke those feelings of creativity and joy that I get from smoking. That’s what the woman in the mural means for me,” he added.

Learn more about the Center for Black Equity

Proceeds from NFT sales of this mural will benefit the Center for Black Equity (CBE), a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC. CBE promotes a multinational network dedicated to improving health and wellness opportunities, economic empowerment and equal rights for LGBTQ people of African descent.

Leafly is committed to donating to all of our 420 NFT wall partners no matter what, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rush to grab this unique and beautiful art as soon as possible.

Support your community, spread the love and hug your cannabis-loving friends. It is 4/20!

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