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What a nice surprise for shovel knight fans – Yacht Club Games has released a huge pack of concept art culled from seven years of development on the retro platformer series. the Shovel Knight: Treasure art asset pack is available for free download under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.

“We wanted to do this for a long time,” Yacht Club explained on Kickstarter. “The spark for the idea came back in 2013 during the Shovel Knight Kickstarter when someone shared with us a photo of an unknown game developer at a game jam using shovel knight sprites as a reference. He was making art for HIS game referencing the art of OUR game. We love the idea of ​​allowing other game developers!”

“So to that end, we are finally fulfilling one of our dreams by releasing the treasure chest: a nearly gigabyte .zip file containing ALL of the artwork from the 7 years of production of Shovel Knight Treasure Chest. 1 gigabyte doesn’t sound like a lot in terms of modern video games, but it’s pixel art, these files are usually measured in kilobytes. It’s huge and it’s up to YOU!

The ZIP file contains a raw repository of files from the shovel knight series, including sprites, animation cycles, backgrounds and more. Yacht Club Games even teases the possibility of lost and cut content lurking in its depths. To view a large number of raw files, browsers will need to download software that supports extensions such as .flc and .pmp. Pro Motion NG software is recommended by the Yacht Club Games team.

What a wonderful gift to the community, another sign of Yacht Club Games’ continued dedication to its fan base. And if you want to see all these cool characters in action, then Shovel Knight: Treasure is available now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

next title of the Yacht Club, Mina the digger, is currently in development. Be sure to check out the title’s Kickstarter campaign, as well as Jonathan Holmes’ interview with the development team.

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