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Triangle Strategy’s Art Style Costs ‘More Than You Think’ – Producer

Despite its lo-fi look, Triangle strategyThe art style of isn’t exactly cheap to create, according to game producer Tomoya Asano. In an interview with Japanese website 4Gamer—translated by Nintendo Everything—Asano explained how Triangle strategyThe distinctive look of, dubbed HD-2D, was created.

When asked why no other developer seems to have tried to make their games look like HD-2D games, Asano replied, “It’s probably worth noting that it costs more than you think.”

Asano also talked about other upcoming HD-2D games, including the announced remake of Dragon Quest 3and the next LIVE LIVE. Talking about how the art style can be used separately for each game, depending on the flavor requirements of the game, Asano mentioned that there is nothing in terms of strict guidelines to follow.

“The way it’s voiced differs from title to title, so the HD-2D flavor will be slightly different each time,” Asano said. “With LIVE LIVE for example, the atmosphere in the prehistoric section will be different from that of the science fiction scenario. Our field of expression has widened thanks to the new ideas that we have imagined.

Square Enix has previously stated that the HD-2D art style, which was introduced with octopath traveler in 2018, could be used by the company to develop other remakes in the future. Learn more about it here.

Triangle strategy is available on Nintendo Switch. For more information on Triangle strategysee our review.