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‘Virgin Islands Contemporary’ exhibition opens Friday at Cane Roots Art Gallery in Christiansted

“Afrocentric Woman” by Lucien Downes. (photo sent)

Cane Roots Art Gallery on Company Street in downtown Christiansted opens Friday, 4-8 p.m., when the synergy of contemporary Virgin Island artists Lucien Downes and Augustin Kelvin Holder come together for its opening reception.

DNA, biology, spirituality, expressionism, the world, freedom, moods and movement are some of them.

Lucien Downes, artist from Sainte-Croix. (Photo submitted)

elements that the two artists adopt as engines of their creativity. It is their soul that they leave on their canvases. It is their spirit in the paintings hanging on the walls of the gallery. Their creativity comes from within, say Holder and Downes.

St. Thomas artist Augustin Kelvin Holder.
(photo sent)

Gallery owner Sonia Deane felt these expressions of creativity when she decided to plan an exhibition with Downes and Holder. The bright colors, the vast expanse of canvas and their fearlessness in sharing their heart’s desire with clients who might consider it something completely different was a strong attraction for Deane, she said.

Downes is a Caribbean-born artist and curator. Her work demonstrates freedom of thought and expression through mixed media and is comprised of spiritual and worldly elements that sometimes operate independently or merge to encompass a whole. He uses resin, acrylic, raw pigments, plexiglass, specialty papers and sometimes found objects to create multi-dimensional works of art that demonstrate movement and depth. “I create my work to bring a contemporary touch to everyday subjects.

Downes will show, among other things, the piece “Afrocentric Female”. “She is the epitome of a powerful black woman whose style and grace knows no bounds, yet she is still sweet enough to be loving and caring. She is Wombman.

“Monsieur. Nocturne” by Augustin Kelvin Holder. (photo sent)

Holder recently exhibited his work, “Intrepid Journey,” at 81C Gallery on St. Thomas. “My works are a juxtaposition of the unconscious and the conscious. Painting in layers allows me to embrace the freedom associated with the abstract expressionist movement. Holder has been painting for a very long time. “Art and the humanities have always been part of my frame of reference. For Holder, art is a medium that tells a story of intrigue and shifting landscapes and deals with decoding algorithms.

‘Mr. Nocturnal’ is an image of a person Holder saw and experienced on a full moon night in 2016. being a little intimidating, but he’s my guardian angel. I didn’t run away from him. I embraced him. Holder has since painted this image on other canvases, much to the delight of his clients. , did he declare.

Cane Roots Art Gallery will adhere to CDC guidelines during the opening reception with mask wearing and social distancing.

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