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What the Explosion of Original Nail Art Styles Says About Experimentation

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When I say the word nails, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Sure, it could serve as a reminder to cut or paint your own nails, but it can also flash a series of loud, quirky, OTT nails you’ve spotted on IG celebrity handles. Unlike a few years ago, enhancing the look and feel of your nails isn’t just about wearing red nail polish or opting for a French manicure – they’ve gotten bigger and better than ever. Synonym of art, ‘get your nails done‘ equals painting different hues and sculpting patterns and strokes of all kinds – pastels, electric, neons as well as chic, edgy and pretty respectively. Besides giving you a glimpse of where nail art is today, this whole phenomenon (of the nail art revolution) reveals another very important thing: the acceptance of experimentation.


Picture: Instagram

Founder of White Door India, Sana Dhanani checks the recent curiosity towards all things nail trending saying, “While nail art has been around for quite some time now, with summer trends, the influence of Tik Tok and Instagram reels, and inspiration from around the world, this nail art phenomenon has truly taken off. Nail art used to be considered time-consuming, difficult to maintain, and reserved for special occasions. With the skills and technique that female nail technicians have brought to the table in the recent past, this perception is greatly altered. Founder of Geetanjali Salon, Sumit Israin once again takes up the vital role of social media: “We have seen a gradual increase in the demand for PAN India nail art services. Interestingly, social media has played a major role in attracting nail art services. Clients are curious about the nail art services we offer with different techniques, products and accessories. As a result, we have started to invest in the professional training of nail artists and set up nail art sections in all our key locations. »


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What’s new ?

“Powdery pastels, earthy tones and accent nail art are super trendy right now. Neon and ombre nails are also making a comeback in the space,” informs Dhanani. Israni shares some additional observations: French tip are all the rage with different length nail products such as acrylic, dip; French gel nails can be done in different ways with different colors and patterns, in addition to the traditional white. Searches for color and glitter alongside French tip nails reveal that consumers want to bring color into the classic style by replacing the classic white tip with a pastel, silver or chrome color.


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How big is the change?

“There is definitely a shift from fancy, boring, fancy French manicures to OTT nails in most places. Blings, metallic details, floral bling and 3D stickers are taking over social media and we see many millennials opting for such nail art styles, inspired by international celebrities and influencers,” says Israni. Dhanani, on the other hand, also gives some credit to catwalk fashion: “I think international fashion weeks have always dictated the trends that you can expect to see in the coming months, that still holds true today. The more avant-garde current fashion trends are, the more we see them propelling themselves into the beauty space as well. It’s undeniable that there’s definitely a Gen Z influence, as fashion draws inspiration from the 1990s and early 2000s, beauty inspiration from that era has also made its way into 2022. Additionally, “Inspiration from shows like Euphoria has become something of a benchmark for a number of beauty trends in 2022. Poppy colors, retro patterns, intricate design and embellishments are here and thriving,” she adds.

What caused this change?

“I think the lockdown has definitely had an impact on how people view themselves, they are now more than ever ready to indulge in self-care and self-love. The emergence of short content on social media has also fueled the inspiration to create, innovate and rethink the norm. Individuals are now open to creating and achieving nail art that is representative of their personality and not the herd mentality. Gen Z also likes to maintain their aesthetic, both offline and online, which has created immense opportunities in the field of nails,” says Dhanani. “West has definitely influenced the South Asian markets for nail bar facilities and spaces. Interestingly, not only women but also male customers are opting for gel nail services in cities as well. metropolitan areas,” quotes Israni.

The future of nail art

“So far, this is one of the highest ticket prices and repeat services we’ve seen in years. With growing demand and growing awareness for manicure services, there’s so much more we can do and we plan to do this and conquer the market in all cities,” Israni shares. “Like any form of art, nail art is constantly evolving, open to interpretation, and extremely personal to an individual. Right now, nail art is almost used as a canvas, an extension of one’s personality, and it’s extremely liberating. We’ve also seen innovation in the space happen at a rapid pace, from glow-in-the-dark nails to more elaborate and embellished ensembles. The more modern take on the French manicure has also been seen lately, using flowing colors and patterns to enhance the classic, traditional look,” says a futuristic Dhanani.

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