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Wolverine Fan Art Makes an Incredible Case for Joaquin Phoenix as Logan

New Wolverine fan art from comic artist Dan Hipp channels Inherent Vice, offering proof that fans who want Joaquin Phoenix’s Logan are right.

New Wolverine comic book creator Dan Hipp’s fan art makes the best case yet for Joaquin Phoenix like Logan, channeling his inherent vice beach-bum look in a new costume loaded with Easter eggs. A vocal group of fans have long argued that Phoenix would be the perfect actor to give Wolverine a new twist after Hugh Jackman’s iconic portrayal, and Hipp’s art just topped the list by proving that Logan no longer becomes cool only when its look is reinvented. in the style of the star’s LA neo-noir role.

Hipp is a comic book writer and cartoonist, as well as the acclaimed former art director for Teen Titans GO! Recently, he’s reimagined heroes like Spider-Man, Moon Knight and now Wolverine in hilarious knitwear – a style also seen in his official cover art. Batman #120 and The Joker 2021 Annual #1. Using the designs of these outfits, as well as figurines and buttons, Hipp loads his images with fun references for fans to decipher.


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In art – recently shared on Twitter by Dan Hipp – Wolverine hits the beach in a new messy look featuring ripped jeans, a fancy t-shirt, X-Men jacket, Nike sneakers and sunglasses. Logan’s goofy look and daytime neon lights are reminiscent of Larry “Doc” Sportello, the reluctant private detective from Paul Thomas Anderson’s big-screen adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s novel. Wolverine is standing on broken figures of Sabretooth and Omega Red – two of his most vicious enemies – with a third figure of street fighter‘s Vega also included, probably in reference to Logan’s claws. His jacket includes the usual X-Men insignia, but also gray jeans with an over-the-shoulder pattern representing his longtime obsession with the psychic hero, which is also referenced on his t-shirt, which recreates a memetic moment of X-Men: The Animated Series in which Logan lovingly strokes a photo of Jean in full costume.

This unlucky, L.A.-loving sleuth look shows fans aren’t being unreasonable when they argue Phoenix’s Doc has shades of Logan and shows like Wolverine MAX indeed saw the X-Men’s resident brawler travel to Los Angeles to solve his own mysteries. Wolverine has always been a surprisingly versatile character at home anywhere in the world, and his solitary demeanor has been interpreted as everything from a inherent vice-style PI tumbling through mystery from a samurai in training to a literal lone wolf.

Although moviegoers may not understand why some comic book readers insist Joaquin Phoenix can and should get by WolverineDan Hipp’s incredible fan art makes a great argument for just how exciting that could be, channeling one of the actor’s most acclaimed roles for a subdued, disheveled take on Logan that stays true to those stories that focus on his beer, “bub” – spurting adventures, bar brawls.

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Source: Dan Hipp


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